Natural Dye Collection

We're on a mission to create world's most sustainable clothing and our Natural Dye Collection, dyed with plant-based dyes, is the first step towards 100% natural clothes.

Our Natural Colors

Natural White: Undyed Cotton

The most sustainable option is our undyed clothing, made using only natural raw white Peruvian Organic Pima Cotton without any color additives.

Natural Blue: Indigo

The leaves of Indigofera plant are a natural dye used for millennia amongst ancient cultures, creating a variety of natural blue colors. Our Natural Blue has a deep blue shade.

Dyeing Method

Indigofera leaves are soaked in water and then left to ferment, converting the naturally present chemical, indican, to indigotin, the blue pigment.

Natural Gray: Eucalyptus

Pigment extracted from Eucalyptus leaves, grown in the Peruvian Andes Mountains, creates an earthy Taupe shade; a gray color with brown undertones.

Dyeing Method

Tender young leaves are boiled in water to extract the color. The amount of time in the water affects the shade and the final color of the garment.

Natural vs Low Impact Dyes

Reactive and Low Impact synthetic dyes are a better option than regular synthetic dyes, however, they are still petroleum-based. We are on a journey towards a petroleum-free production, which is why we aim to only make clothing using natural dyes.

Low Impact Dyes

Our low impact synthetic dyes are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Compared to regular synthetic dyes, low impact dyes don't contain toxic chemicals and mordants, and have a higher absorption rate which creates less water waste.

Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are gentle on the environment as they don't contain any toxic chemical compounds or petroleum. The pigment is extracted from plant leaves and boiled together with mordants to fix to the fabric.

Our Sustainable Goals

These are our top 3 goals we want reach within the next 3 years.